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I’ve been declined for a doorstep loan from another company. Will Provident accept my application?

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We look at your circumstances, as well as your credit rating.

At Provident, we try to get to know our customers. We listen to the person, not just their credit score. So while you may get declined by some lenders when you try to borrow money, you might find we’re more helpful.

If you’ve been declined for a doorstep loan, you could be accepted at Provident as no lender has exactly the same lending criteria. Everyone’s situation is different; the best way to find out for sure if a Provident loan is suitable to you, click here to use our loan calculator.

Why you may have been rejected

Certain companies won’t let you borrow with them if you have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or poor credit history. With us, we may lend to you even if:

• You don’t currently have a bank account
• You have County Court Judgements against your name
• You have bad credit history
• You’re living in rented accommodation
• You’re unemployed

How Provident assesses your application

After you fill out our online form, we do a few checks, including a credit check. If you are accepted in principle we ask a local Agent to come and make a visit to your house. They’ll do what’s called an Affordability Assessment, which is where your incomings and outgoings are looked at to work out whether you can afford to pay back the loan over the period you want to borrow it for. Provided you can afford the repayments and the Agent is happy to lend, the Agent will agree to the loan straight away.

Bear in mind we’re a responsible lender and don’t want you to be take out a loan you can’t pay off. Therefore you may get an acceptance in principle for a loan, but the amount you can borrow could change once you’ve completed the Affordability Assessment. Plus, if you’re a first-time customer we won’t lend more than £1,000. It’s another one of our ways to make sure people aren’t borrowing more than they can afford.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and unless we have the full story we can’t say for sure whether you can borrow from Provident. But you can speak to your Agent or contact us to see if you’re eligible for a Provident loan.

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