Alternative ways to generate extra income

Alternative ways to generate extra income

If you need to make a bit of extra money, we’ve listed four tips that nearly anyone can do to make more dough.

There are methods for making yourself extra money that you might not have realised were even an option. While everyone knows the usual suspects like getting more hours at work or selling items on eBay, these aren’t practical or possible for everyone. This is why we’ve thought of four alternative ways to generate extra income.

Remember, these are only tips and you should complete your own research first before committing to any suggestion listed below.

Turn your home into a guesthouse or car park

We’re not suggesting knocking your house down and selling up to property developers. Instead we mean either renting out a spare room to visitors or letting people pay to park on your driveway or in your garage. This only applies if you own your own home and you’re not renting.

There are several sites, like Airbnb, that let you act kind of like a mini B&B or hotel, where you post a per-night price for staying in a room in your house. People book because it’s usually cheaper than a hotel or they prefer to stay with someone who knows the local area.

Don’t assume that, because you don’t live in a town or city loaded with landmarks, visitors from the other end of the country or abroad won’t want to stay with you. People go to see family members and attend events in even the most remote locations all the time. You might even find a gap in the market no one ever knew about.

Before you start:

  • Any money you earn is subject to tax implications
  • Bear in mind building regulations including fire and health and safety. Would your home meet the regulations?
  • Ensure you have adequate home insurance

If you don’t have a spare room, maybe you’ve got a driveway or garage space you can rent out. Sites like will link you up with people who need a place to park in your area. You can charge by the hour, day or month. You could see a lot of demand if you live within walking distance of a train station, city or town centre.

Before you start:

  • Are you liable for any damaged caused to the vehicle whilst parked? Some agreements have clauses that the cars are parked at the owners risk.
  • Does renting out your driveway impact on your current home/car insurance?

Try pet sitting

We are a nation of pet lovers, but we tend to go on holiday without our furry friends. You can charge per hour, per pet to look after furry friends in their home. It could be that you just check in on them and feed them, but you could also be required to exercise pets too.

It might take as little effort as putting up a notice in the local shop, post office or supermarket and, as it’s in your free time, it probably won’t get in the way of the school run like a part-time job might. Alternatively, you could advertise on sites like and

Before you start:

  • You may need references
  • Extra income must be declared
  • You may need a CRB check (or equivalent) to be listed on sires such as the above
  • You may need extra insurance
  • Some sites may charge commission

People will buy anything

If there’s one thing places like online auction site eBay have taught us, it’s that you can sell nearly anything. In a similar way, Etsy, a website that has masses of people selling handmade items, has proven you can make a lot of money with very little.

Instead of focusing on shifting what you already own, why not think about what you could produce that people will pay for. Maybe you’re good at knitting or sewing – there are thousands of parents who need clothes for little ones and people who need clothes altering.

Before you start:

  • Extra income must be declared
  • You may need a bank account
  • You may need a paypal account
  • A seller fee may apply

Man/woman with a van

It’s an old one, but a good one. You get to be your own boss and you’ve probably got everything you need already – a car or van and the ability to pick up and put down objects. Sites like let people who need something shifting list their job online and people with the right vehicle and time can bid on it, with the lowest offer usually getting the job.

Of course, if you’ve only got a three-door hatchback, chances are you’re not going to be in with a chance of netting that £300 house move, but there are smaller jobs on there too. Where someone with a small lorry won’t be interested in helping someone move a few boxes across town for £30 that can be where you come in.

Before you start:

  • You may be required to have ‘goods in transit’ insurance
  • Any money earned will need to be declared for tax purposes
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Alternative ways to generate extra income

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