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The best money management apps

two friends looking at their phones
two friends looking at their phones

Have your smartphone save you money for once by becoming your personal accountant.

You can have more money in the bank by simply keeping track of everything you spend. There are several smartphone apps that make it super simple to do exactly that; many go even further by reminding you about bills and warning when you might be about to go into your overdraft. Basically, they’re perfect for anyone looking to become more money-wise.

Here are a few of our favourites. We’re sure you’ll find at least one that’ll help you keep control of your finances.

Money lover – Money manager

Free | iOS, Android.

The money lover app contains a wealth of features which allows you to track your outgoings and set reminders for your bills. You can download the app and log in through a computer at so you’re budget is always at your fingertips.

Mint Personal Finance

Free | iOS, Android.

Mint Personal Finance offers to track your credit cards, alerting you to high spending or low account balances. Plus, if you set up a saving goal it’ll advise you on how to budget. Mint even says it’ll let you see your credit score and give you advice on how to improve it.


Free | iOS, Android.

You’ve just got paid, a bill’s not due for a few weeks and that money’s just sitting there. So often, people give into their urge to spend, but the ‘envelope system’ helps prevent that. When you get cash, you put it into an envelope earmarked for that bill and leave it there. When the bill comes around, you use the money in the envelope that’s been kept out of sight and away from temptation. Goodbudget brings that idea to your phone and even lets you sync up with someone else so you can manage your money together – great if there are two of you trying to rein in your spending.


Free | iOS, Android.

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s great for us Brits too. Using a calendar layout, Dollarbird puts watching your money into an easy-to-understand calendar layout. It’ll remind you about monthly bills so you don’t get caught short, lets you book in any future costs or income and, best of all, projects how much money you might have in the future.

Level Money

Free | iOS, Android.

Level Money calls itself the “mobile money meter”. A clean, simple layout lets you easily track everything you spend, and it even allows you to see outgoings and incomings with your credit cards and bank accounts. Plus, you can get an idea of how well you’ve been spending by making it easy to compare your money habits from month to month, helping you to improve if you’ve become a little bit reckless with your money.

Free money advice is also available via routes such as the Money Advice Service, debt charity Step Change, and National Debtline.

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