Tips on budgeting for holiday activities

Tips on budgeting for holiday activities

You’ve spent the last few weeks or months saving up for a few days away and you’re ready to drive, fly or sail away to that perfect destination. You might have already checked out our tips on how to budget for your holiday but do you know what you are going to do once you get there?

Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your holiday, whether you’re looking to explore the local area, try out a new sport or indulge in some pampering.

Planning what to do on holiday

Before you go on holiday have a think about the types of activities you’ve done before and really enjoyed or perhaps something you would like to try out for the first time.

Treating yourself

Decide before you go if you are going to have any ‘treat days’. That way you can plan your spending and look forward to doing something a special that may cost a little more, such as a nice meal out or maybe a trip to a spa.

Free and low cost activities

Most towns and cities have museums and galleries which show the local history.  If you’re staying in Britain, entry to many of museums and galleries are free and can be a great way to spend an afternoon – particularly if the weather turns grey!

If you prefer the outdoors look out for parks as well as hiking and biking trails. If you have your own equipment these won’t cost thing. If you are going abroad to an ‘all inclusive’ destination many hotels offer free equipment for guests to use including bikes – why not ask your holiday representative or at the reception desk of your hotel for information.

You may even find free events in parks with either a music, sporting or a craft theme.  Again, ask the place where you are staying if they can provide you with any information.

Ask a local

Talk to the local tourist offices. They are the best people to give you an overview of the highlights of the local area. Check out their website if they have one or drop in for a visit as soon as you arrive. You could also look online to see if you could find vouchers or discounts for visiting local attractions.

Take a break

Make some time to relax. You don’t have to do something big on every single day of your holiday. Try a big day out followed by a day or two of doing something very low key. You could bring games or download apps and movies to keep the kids entertained and have some family fun.

Some hotels, youth hostels and campsites keep a collection of games for guests to use so it’s worth asking to see if anything is available.

What can you bring from home?

See what you can bring from home on your trip. Dig out any sports or beach equipment you have and bring it with you in case there are opportunities to use it when you are away. This may save you having to buy new equipment when you are holidays and lets you get value out of what you already have.

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Tips on budgeting for holiday activities

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