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Alternative to Payday Loans


At Provident we provide an alternative to Payday Loans. We offer loans between £100 and £1,000, subject to affordability. You can choose to repay this over 13 to 52 weeks, unlike a Payday loan where you would make a lump sum repayment on an agreed date.


Apply online for an initial decision and, if we approve your application and you want to continue, a rep will speak with you to carry out an affordability assessment. If your loan is later approved, we will deliver the cash to you or send the cash to your account and collect payments each week either remotely from your bank account or in person depending on your circumstances.




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Home collected loans

Apply for a £100 - £1,000 home credit loan today, subject to affordability

We consider all kinds of circumstances

We could help if you're currently unemployed or self-employed

We get to know you

We don't just assess you on your credit score

No hidden fees

No hidden fees or late repayment charges, you only pay what you agreed upfront.




How do Provident loans work? 


Provident loans work in three stages:


Apply online - Use our online loan calculator to work out the loan amount and repayment terms which best suit your circumstances. We’ll then give you an initial online decision which will let you know if the loan is agreed in principle. This is not a guarantee that we’ll lend to you, but will let you know whether you can continue to the full application, at which point we’ll run a full credit and affordability check.


Give us a few more details - If you continue to the full application, we'll then need you to provide some more information including identification documents, contact and bank details.


Finish the application with your Rep - If you're accepted in principle, your Rep will get in touch to do an affordability assessment. This is just to check that you can afford the loan. They’ll do this at your home, or over the phone if it’s not safe for them to visit due to the Coronavirus. If we approve your loan, you can choose to have the money delivered to you in cash or sent straight to your bank account. We'll collect your weekly payments from your doorstep (in cash or with your debit card) or straight from your bank account. The choice is yours.