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Proof of ID

You’ll need to prove your ID to complete your loan application.

If you’ve not had a loan with us in the last 6 months we’ll need to see the following:


  • 1 type of photo ID
  • 1 type of address ID (this can't be the same as your photo ID)
  • 1 short video selfie with you saying your name and that you would like a Provident loan

Your Rep will call you to let you know where to send photos of these documents.



We've listed all the documents you can use below.

All Provident loans are subject to affordability.

All documents must be valid and not expired.
  • Passport (UK or Foreign, within valid date)
  • Photo-card Driving Licence (UK or EU, full or provisional, within valid date)
  • E.U. Member State Identity Card (within valid date)
  • Shotgun Licence or Firearms Certificate (within valid date)
  • Northern Ireland Electoral ID Card / Voters Card (within valid date)
  • ID card for foreign nationals (UK issued by Home Office, within valid date)
These documents need to have your full name on and either your current full address or your date of birth. They should be dated within the past 12 months unless stated otherwise
  • Council Tax Communication - demand letter/ benefit letter/statement/bill
  • Employment Support Allowance documentation - notification letter/assessment letter/statement of account/bill
  • Child benefit / child tax credit documentation - benefit letter/statement
  • Personal Independence Payment documentation - notification letter/assessment letter/statement of account/bill
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance documentation - notification letter/assessment letter/ statement of account/bill
  • Proof of residency document - rent book / statement / tenancy agreement
  • Working Tax Credit documentation - benefit letter/statement
  • Notification / assessment letter or statement of account / bill,  for;

Attendance Allowance documentation

Carers Allowance documentation

Cold Weather Payments documentation

Disability Living Allowance documentation

Educational Financing/Grants documentation

Maternity Allowance

Housing Benefit documentation

Government/State Pension documentation

Pensions Credit documentation

Income Support documentation

Universal Credit documentation

  • Any benefit relating statement. Please note this must be from the website (can be post/future dated)
  • Taxi driver badge / licence, within valid date
  • Blue disabled drivers pass / badge, within valid date
  • National entitlement card (Scottish, within valid date)
  • Old style UK driving licence, within valid date
  • Income Tax/HMRC documentation - PAYE coding notice/tax notification letter/assessment letter/statement of account
  • National Insurance documentation - NI credits letter/assessment letter/statement of account/bill
  • HM Forces  / Police Warrant Card, within valid date
  • Home Office Residency Permit, within valid date
  • Bank / building society issued document (statement or letter) containing sort code and account number. If you supply a statement please only include your address details, account number and sort code. Do not include any transaction details, e.g your spending
  • UK Mortgage statement
  • Post Office account statement

Your chosen document needs to:


Have a reference number on it. We can't use it if it doesn't.

Have an issue date or expiry date.

Be the original document. We can't use photocopies or copies from the internet.