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Provident Direct. Another way to repay

We're delighted to introduce Provident Direct, you can now repay a new cash loan automatically with your debit card, subject to eligibility.

How much you need to borrow




Over how many weeks



Weekly Payment

Weekly Payment



Total to repay

Total to repay

  • You'll need a bank account
  • Pay your new loan automatically with your debit card weekly, via Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)
  • Your first payment will be made in person

  • Pay with cash in person
  • You don't need a bank account
  • Your Rep will pop round weekly to collect repayments at an agreed time


The Provident Direct Promise


Just to put your mind at rest, our Provident Direct Promise means:

  • We'll only ever take the repayment amount we've agree with you
  • We'll only ever take your repayment on the day we've agreed
  • You can switch to weekly home collection at any time




How does Provident Direct work?


When the first payment is due, your rep will visit you at home to collect your first repayment by cash. During that visit, we’ll set up a CPA  for the collection of your future repayments.


What is a CPA?


A CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) gives us permission to collect loan payments directly from your debit card. We'll only request payments as agreed with you. They’re simple to set up and all you need are your debit card details.

Please note that we'll only try to take a payment once each week. If we're not successful, we'll let you know and arrange a time to visit you at home.

Frequently Asked Questions


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