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How to save money as a wedding guest

If you’ve totted up the costs of attending a wedding and the figure made you want to run for the hills, fear not. Follow our tips for taking a frugal approach to the celebrations and you can still enjoy the big day.

Tip 1

Staying overnight at a wedding venue can be pricey, so hunt around for deals on cheaper alternatives in the local area. Think coupon and travel sites. The earlier you book the better – you won’t be the only guest with this cunning plan, and prices usually go up the more local hotels and B&Bs become booked up.

Tip 2

Buying a new dress or hiring a suit can be expensive, so why not recycle an outfit? You can always freshen it up with new accessories. After the happy couple comes into the room, no one will look at your outfit anyway.

Tip 3

Looking to buy the newlyweds a premium gift without breaking the bank? Chip in with other guests and find something in the sales that they’ll love not just like.

Tip 4

It can be easy to forget transport when factoring in costs, but petrol, trains, taxis, and planes all add up. Booking trains and planes in advance can usually shave down costs. Consider car and taxi shares too.

Tip 5

If the best man or chief bridesmaid is saying Vegas for the stag or hen do, but your bank balance is saying Blackpool, then speak up. There’s a good chance you won’t be the only one thinking it, allowing the organiser to reassess the party plans. If you really can’t afford to go, say no… The important part is attending the big day.

Tip 6

If you’re confident you know roughly how much the wedding is likely to cost you, why not start saving early? Having wedding money reserved means that you can pay for expenses as you go along, and most couples send out their ‘save the dates’ at least a year before the big day.


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