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Short term loans from £100 - £1,000, subject to affordability

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Total to repay


  • Borrow £100 - £1,000; subject to affordability


  • Choose to pay back over 13, 26 or 52 weeks


  • No hidden fees or charges

What are short term loans?

 A short term loan is a sum of money borrowed over a short period of time. The amount borrowed, with interest, is usually paid back in less than a year. Designed to give you access to funds, it can help tide you over when an unexpected financial emergency crops up. A short term loan should only be used to cover costs you couldn’t otherwise meet with your salary or savings.

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With a Provident short term loan you’ll get:

  • Fixed weekly repayments collected from your home
  • No hidden fees for late or missed payments
  • Cash delivered to your door
  • A friendly face-to-face personal service



Short term loans from Provident

 When you take a cash loan with us, you’ll know upfront exactly how much you’ll have to pay back each week. That means you can borrow money with the peace of mind there’ll never be any unexpected extra charges. All loans are subject to affordability. Unlike some lenders, short term loans from us aren’t secured against something you own such as your home or car.


How much can I borrow?

 You may be able to borrow between £100 to £1,000 over a period of 13/26/52 weeks, subject to affordability. This all depends on your income, outgoings and whether you can afford the weekly repayments, over the course of your loan.

As part of the application process, we’ll visit you at your home and carry out an affordability assessment, to work out how much you can afford to borrow from us. We always ensure you have the financial capacity to make repayments, so that you never borrow more than you can afford.


What can I use my short term loan for?

 You may require a short term loan for a number of reasons. It could be your car suddenly breaks down, your boiler is on the blink or your washing machine needs replacing and you don’t have the money available. Whatever you’re thinking of using the loan for, start your application online or call us on 0800 096 6064 to get an initial decision in minutes. As part of the application process, we’ll then visit you in your home and carry out an affordability assessment.


How do I repay my Provident short term loan?

 If approved, we’ll visit you each week at your home to collect your repayments at a date and time that’s convenient for you. Talking face-to-face with a locally based member of our team, on a weekly basis gives you the opportunity to discuss your loan situation in greater detail and ask any questions you may have.

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What is a short term loan?

 When unforeseen expenses arise, a short term loan could be the help you need. Depending on the lender, the borrowing amount is usually low, starting from as little as £50 and going up to around £2,000 (or higher).

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Do I need a guarantor to get a short term loan?

 You can get a short term loan without a guarantor. Some lenders don’t ask for a guarantor and will lend the money to you without involving anyone else. Others may ask you to find someone who will agree to repay your debt should you not be able to make repayments.

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