Compare the price of home collected and other cash loans available in your area

When will I get my loan

You could get your loan in 48 hours.


Start your application online or over the phone

To apply for a Provident loan, you can complete an initial application form online or by calling 0800 096 6064. At this stage, we’ll carry out a credit search which will leave a footprint on your credit record. You’ll find out in minutes if you’ve been accepted in principle.


Agree to a home visit by an Agent

During your initial application you will be asked to agree to a home visit by an Agent. This means that you give the Agent permission to visit you at home and discuss your loan application.


If you do not complete this section when applying online then the Agent will be required complete this section on their initial visit. They will then have to make a second visit to discuss your loan and continue the loan process. Which will mean it takes longer to get your loan.


Finish the application process with an Agent

If accepted in principle your application is then passed to an Agent in your area. The Agent will call you to arrange a date to meet and discuss your income and outgoing, and carry out an affordability assessment to ensure the loan is affordable to you.


If the assessment shows that the loan requested is affordable and the Agent is satisfied that it meets your particular needs, they will issue your loan and agree a time and day each week to collect your repayments.


On average it takes less than 48 hours from applying online to getting your loan. 


Rating collated from feedback received during the last 12 months.