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I've got a question about a new loan

How do I apply for a new loan?

If you are a Provident customer already all you need to do is speak to your CEM. They will be able to take you through your options. 


Our online loan calculator can help you find the right loan for you and you can always apply online too.

Can I apply if I have bad credit?

We look at each application on its own merits and come to a decision based on our lending criteria. We're responsible lenders, when considering whether or not to lend it's important to us that you are able to afford the repayments throughout the term of the loan. We'll take your credit rating into account, but it's not the only thing we look at. 

If I'm an existing customer, when can I apply for a new loan?

Your CEM is the best person to ask about this. We issue new loans subject to affordability and our responsible lending criteria.