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What are the changes you've made?

Why change something that isn't broken?

We understand that not everyone wanted these changes, but we did this for the right reasons. We know that our system problems have really impacted you, but once sorted these changes should mean there are some real benefits for you. 


With changes in technology we will know in real time when the Customer Experience Manager has visited and develop a better understanding of your needs - this will help us improve the other parts of how we work in future.


It's important to adapt and change in order to be able to continue to serve you and others like you for the next 140 years and beyond.


We are now strictly regulated. All regulations were introduced to protect customers and it is important that we look after all our customers. 


We know many of you were very close to your Agent so we invited all Agents to apply for one of the brand new Customer Experience Manager roles. Many Agents did apply and were successful but we have also appointed a number of new individuals into those roles. All our Customer Experience Managers are professional and supportive and have been fully trained to ensure they provide the best possible customer service for customers. 

What is a CEM?

From July 6, we changed the way we operate our home credit business. A new Customer Experience team has been put in place who are full time employees of Provident and our customers will no longer be served by self-employed Agents. In many cases, Agents moved over to the new employed roles and your old Agent could be one of our new Customer Experience Managers (CEM). This change will allow us to build a better relationship with customers and ensure that you receive the best possible service. The CEM is a Provident employee who will visit you at your home to collect your weekly repayments and complete new loan applications. 


You may see more than one CEM while you've got a loan with us. We understand that you might be used to one particular person coming to see you, but by rearranging the way we work, we will now be able to make collections six days a week, to help us better fit in with your lifestyle. Even though it probably doesn't feel like that at the moment. 


So, it's likely you will get to know more than one CEM, which will be a good thing. Over time, you should start to feel more in control of your loan and you can have more flexibility than you did before. 

I'm worried about people I don't know turning up at my house

You might be nervous about someone you don't know knocking at your door but don't worry, everyone who works for Provident will carry an official Provident ID.


We understand that you might be used to having the same person come and see you and you might be nervous having someone new come to your house each week. In many cases it will be a familiar face but if not please give our new CEMs a chance.


The team are really lovely and just want to help, but unfortunately they've not had the best start with the system troubles we've had. 

Why are you recording me?

We've introduced voice recording as part of our improvements to customer service. 


We will use it for training and monitoring purposes to ensure that customers are being treated with fairness, care and respect we want as a company. We will use the calls to train and retrain Customer Experience Managers. 


We record customer/CEM interactions as part of our compliance process. If there's ever a problem with your loan or the way you have been treated, we'll be able to find the recording so we can hear exactly how the conversation played out. A copy of the recording is also available to you under the Data Protection Act.


However if you don't want to be recorded, it's not compulsory, just tell your CEM when they knock at your door.