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Why did you make the recent changes?

Why change something that wasn't broken?

We understand the recent changes have caused disruption for some of our customers, but we believe they were made for the right reasons. While the current problems are frustrating, we expect you'll soon notice a positive difference once they're fixed.


Our new way of working relies more on technology which will allow us to have a greater level of visibility about when you were visited and give your CEM faster access to your account data to help improve our service to match your needs. 


We've been lending customers a helping hand for a long time. Along the way, we've made changes both big and small, and they've not always gone as smoothly as we would've liked. But we learn from our mistakes and turn that learning into improvements to our service.


We care about our customers and colleagues. We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are committed to ensuring that we treat our customers fairly and act in your best interests.


We follow these regulations to the letter so you always feel protected. 

What is a CEM?

From July 6, customers have been served by a Customer Experience team that is fully part of our business, and employed by Provident. Agents were offered the opportunity to apply for one of the new Customer Experience Manager (CEM) roles, so there's a chance your old Agent will be working for Provident as a CEM. 


Our new way of working means we will be able to ensure there will always be someone in your area to provide the service you need. While it might not be the same CEM every time, we'll soon be much more flexible and responsive. This means less waiting around for you and more satisfied customers for us, which is the best outcome for everyone.

Will my CEM be a new person every visit?

The new way of working means it's unlikely you'll see the same CEM on every visit. This isn't something you need to worry about though.


As representatives of Provident, all our CEMs will carry an official Provident ID. If you have any concerns, just ask to see their ID. 

Why are you recording me?

We want to make sure all customers are treated fairly with the care and respect our business prides itself on. If you ever have a problem with your loan or your CEM, we'll now have a record of your conversations, so there's no more hearsay, just the facts. 


We can also use recorded conversations to train our CEMs and improve our service to you. 


Recording isn't compulsory. If you don't want to be recorded, just let your CEM know when they visit.