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Why can't I get through to you/ Why haven't you replied to my email?

We know our waiting times aren't acceptable and we're working hard to reduce them. We know this is hard to hear, but please bear with us. 


Our waiting times are longer than normal, but unfortunately emails will take much longer for us to get through. 

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We've tried to answer the questions that people are asking us the most. We hope you find the answer you're looking for. 

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Our waiting times are longer than normal, but they are improving. We'll do our best to answer your call as soon as possible. 


All numbers are free to call from landlines and mobiles. 



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0800 9166 440


This is an automated payment line and is available 24/7. Try calling at different times as it can get busy at peak times (eg. lunch and after work)


You'll need your DOB and customer number. 



General enquires


0800 096 6064

You'll need your DOB and customer number.


This line is open Mon to Fri 8am- 8pm, Sat 8am - 5pm


Get in touch online

We aim to respond as quickly as possible, but we are dealing with a high number of enquires.


You should receive a response in the next 10 days. If you've already submitted a form online, and it's been 14 days, you should call us instead.


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